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  The Basic Law is the constitutional document of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). It prescribes the political, economic and social systems to be practiced in the region after reunification, and ensures the continuous development of the HKSAR under the principle of “One Country, Two Systems”. The Basic Law is intimately tied to the daily lives of each Hong Kong citizen; it defines and protects the rights and freedoms we enjoy, which is crucial for our students to learn about the Basic Law.

To enhance students’ understanding of the Basic Law, the Personal, Social and Humanities Education Section of the Education Bureau has launched this website “Basic Law On-line Assessment (Junior Secondary)”. You can test your understanding of the Basic Law at this website. The database of this website contains over 200 multiple choice questions covering the entire Basic Law document, including the Preamble, the Articles and the Annexes. These questions are categorized into two groups: “Basic questions” and “Challenging questions”; you may choose the level of the difficulty of the questions. This website also provides two modes of assessment: “selected topics” and “time-limited test”. Under the mode of “selected topics”, the system will randomly select questions according to your chosen topic and level of difficulty. Upon completing the questions, you may choose to answer questions of other topics and at another difficulty level. Under another mode of “time-limited test”, the system will generate questions in different topics randomly in the time frame that you have selected. In either mode, you may obtain and print your score upon leaving the system.

Besides the question bank mentioned above, you may also browse the full-text of the Basic Law in this website or click the listed hyperlinks to visit related websites, and learn more about the Basic Law.

You may start the test now!
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